The PCE Compression List

Here you shall find a list of various PCE/Turbografx 16 games and there compression schemes or lack thereof for text and graphics accompanied by notes and also (if needed) programs for de/compression.

With this knowledge we hope that more and more people will be interested in translating games for this wonderful system.

If you see anything here that you'd like to work but need help with, please contact me.  Or if you see anything that doesn't look quite right or possibly needs to be written better, please contact me for this as well.

Also please forgive the lack of design for this page.  I'm not a very good designer so if you might be inteterested in sprucing up this page well... :)

And now on to the games!

Email : esperknight @ yahoo com
Title : Mateki Densetsu Astralius

Compression Text : None

Example of text block : 0x6ABB2 (Track02)

Compression Graphics : ?

Example of graphics block : ?

Notes :
Intro appears to be voiced, no text, haven't heard voices ingame though
Title : Private Eye Dol

Compression Text : No

Example of text block : 5E3429 (Track02)

Compression Graphics : Font, Yes (Same scheme as $E060)

Example of graphics block :

Notes :
Intro is voiced, no text, voiced in game but appears to have text

79C3 is the start of the decompression routine (same as $E060)

5A16 loads current letter, $2010 will hold second byte if kanji (denoted by $3B), otherwise $2011 holds current letter

Custom table needed, possibly same setup as an SJIS table (for the kanji hopefully)
Title : Seiya Monogatari - Anearth Fantasy Stories

Compression Text : Yes, LZSS (Same scheme used by Tengai Makyou Ziria, Tengai Makyou 2, Gulliver Boy, and many others, difference being in buffer size, as they use 0xFF)

Example of text block : 275800 (LZSS block appears to start at 27580C, not sure about bytes before it though)

Compression Graphics :

Example of graphics block :

Notes :
Letter loading is done at $72DC, uses 1 byte characters too that don't match up to SJIS, dictionary values as well

Right before name entry screen shows, loads $DA000 ($6D/0000) with compressed block, after name entry its uncompressed to $F7009 (Routine around $56A6)

Compressed block is loaded into $A000

Buffer is 0xFFF in size, starts at 0xFEE

Tools :
Title : Tengai Makyou Ziria (SCD)

Compression Text : Yes, LZSS
Buffer size is 0xFF, buffer starts at 0xEE, first compressed byte is the index into the buffer, second byte is the length to read from the buffer with a twist.  The first half is used the first time this byte is read, then the second half is used for the next position byte it reads.  Afterwards a new run byte is read.

Example of text block :

Compression Graphics :

Example of graphics block :

Notes :

Tools :